Wednesday, December 23, 2015

And That's a Wrap!

 I had the pleasure of attending the beautiful outdoor glass chapel wedding of one of my friends this Autumn. Having the gifts in two separate boxes, I wanted to ensure that they stayed together. Using burlap ribbon infused with gold specks, I pulled the pieces together. To hide the crossing point of the two ribbons, I added a bow to the top.
I used gold, glitter ribbon to make the bow (because the only time we have bows in our house is Christmastime). Following this tutorial, I was able to make a lovely bow just the size that I needed for my project.

Knowing how easily bows can be made, I may broaden my horizons and create bows from various materials. What are some materials, other than ribbon, that you want to repurpose into a bow?
Happy crafting! 

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