Saturday, January 16, 2016

Flower Necklace

 This is another broken necklace that I found. When I bought it I actually did not realize it's flaw, but the middle flower is missing it's sparkly rhinestone center.
I bought a set of flower rhinestone earrings from Claire's to use in place of the other flowers.
I removed all previous adhesive so I could apply my rhinestones better.
In order to keep an even pattern, I removed the two inner rhinestones from the teal flowers on either side of the middle flower.
I clipped the earring piece off of the rhinestone so that only a small piece of metal stuck out of the back and the piece will fit nicely into the gap provided in the flower.
I heated up the hot glue gun and one by one added the rhinestones.
I allowed the glue to cool for a short period of time then I removed the flyaway strands of glue. The thin pieces detach very easily from the main dot of glue while the adhesive is warm-cool.
And the work was done!
What are your favorite products to buy and fix? Happy crafting! 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


So I had a wonderful craft opportunity presented to me, and I took it! I was given a Marvel t-shirt that was much too big for me, but it's too cool to not wear, so I've decided to make it me-size.
I started by folding the shirt inside out, and then I laid the shirt flat on a smooth surface. I chose another shirt that I like the fit of and laid it flat on top of my project shirt as a guide.
I traced around the edges of the shirt, giving myself a one inch leeway.
I cut off the bottom seam and then I cut along the line that I had drawn. I double rolled the bottom seam then pinned. Next, I pinned the front and back of the shirt together at the sides where I made the cut.
Next came sewing the shirt together. This step is fairly straightforward. I sewed the bottom hems, then I sewed the right side of the shirt together, then the left.
Because cotton has a tendency to unravel, I hand-stitched around the edges to keep this from happening.
And the shirt is finished--Viola!
Now my new shirt fits well enough to wear!
Happy crafting!

Memory Quilt

My mom recently unearthed some old fabric from my childhood that she had used to make me pajamas. Now that I have started playing around with quilts, she decided to bestow the sentimental pieces upon me.
So, I've gathered up several of my childhood fabrics and cut them into squares. Then I set up my squares on the floor in the order that I wanted them.

Next, I sewed the squares together by column. Then, I sewed three or four columns together in order to quilt these five strips directly onto the batting and backing. 
1. Take the strip on the farthest right and lay it out on top the backing and batting.
2. Next, take the strip next farthest to the right and lay it upside down on top of the first piece, making sure that the left edge matches before pinning to the layers of batting and backing.
3. After quilting that down, unfold the upside down strip so that they both face upward.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 with the middle piece, then the left, then the farthest left, until the entire thing is quilted.

Finally, tuck in all the loose ends. I double folded the excess backing on the edges onto the front and sewed it down as edging.
I was quite happy with the end result!
What are some of your favorite childhood fabrics?
Happy crafting!