Thursday, March 10, 2016

Felt Flower

I have a pillow that I wanted to embellish with a flower, you can see the instructions for that here. My inspiration came from the dahlia, and so I chose felt because this fabric allows you to bend and curl the petals to add some real-life quality.

*Exclaimer* Please excuse the lighting in some of the next pictures. I chose blue and green colors and they were difficult to take realistically colored pictures of.*

I started by cutting out four small triangles.

I took one triangle and folded the bottom corners inward to create a rounded base.

I took another triangle and wrapped the bottom corners around those of the first triangle.

Sew together along the bottom where the pieces overlap.

Then do this two more times for the petals on the left and the right.

I loosely sewed the petals at the tip so that they would stay together on the top also.

From my next color of fabric I cut several more triangles, slightly taller and wider than the first four.

I sewed the first petal onto the center piece by sewing through the bottom of the center piece.

Then I sewed along the bottom edge of the petal.

I did a petal on the opposite side, then left and right, so that there were four petals in the round. I had a couple of rounds with five petals instead of four, and in total my flower consists of five rounds.

My favorite thing about using felt is that you can bend and curl the ends and they will generally stay in that shape unless moved.

Happy Spring, and happy crafting!

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