Friday, August 7, 2015

Wool Dryer Balls

Like nearly every single project I've done, thus far, this idea comes straight from Pinterest.
I read a post talking about saving money by using dryer balls instead of sheets. They are quick, efficient, and last so much longer than a dryer sheet. Added bonus: you get to choose the scent!! (I went with lavender because it's gorgeous). You can find the complete instructions here.
I started off by looking for some lovely wool yarn, and bought two skeins for an excellent price at
After the yarn arrived, I simply took each skein and wound it into a ball (described in more detail in the complete instructions up above).
The next step is prepping the balls for their duty by drying them inside a pair of panty hose. I used a pair of knee-high hose that I purchased from Wal-Mart for $0.33. They are commonly found in a little hanging basket attached to the shelf at the end of one of the hosiery aisles. I only used one for this project since both of my balls fit into a single hose.
For your information: No panty hose was hurt in the making of this craft.
After they came out of the dryer I rolled them in a bowl of vinegar (to soften clothes) and lavender essential oil (for a fresh scent).
I let them air dry on a plate, moving them around from time to time to allow all of the sides to dry well.
Once dried they are ready to toss back into the dryer to lessen drying time and pamper my clothes! Happy crafting!

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