Friday, August 7, 2015

Lego my Sugar Cookies

 So today I decided to whip up some Lego themed sugar cookies. I began by mixing my regular "homemade" sugar cookie dough (complement of Betty Crocker).
I next used a knife to cut the dough into squares with small rectangles left on top.

I made icing using a combination of powdered sugar, corn syrup, and  milk. While I commonly use around one tablespoon of corn syrup, the other two ingredients vary based on the amount I am making. I start with two cups of powdered sugar and add the milk by tablespoons until I have the proper consistency.
The "sweet spot" for icing consistency is usually found when you drag your spoon through the mixture (scraping the bottom) and you can see the bottom of the bowl for a second or two before it is covered by the mixture. I add the powdered sugar by the cup and milk by the tablespoon until I have the right amount with the right consistency.
I then cover all of the cookies with a sheet of yellow icing. I fill about one third of the spoon with icing and then I put this icing on the cookie while spreading across the surface with the back of the spoon. I use very small amounts on the spoon if more is needed, or I use a toothpick in a like manner as the spoon, especially to get the edges.
I whip up a smaller amount of black icing and use a toothpick to apply the faces.
I then configure them on a platter and share the smiles with all of my friends!
What are some cookies decorations you would like to see? Happy crafting (baking)! 

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