Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Memory Quilt

My mom recently unearthed some old fabric from my childhood that she had used to make me pajamas. Now that I have started playing around with quilts, she decided to bestow the sentimental pieces upon me.
So, I've gathered up several of my childhood fabrics and cut them into squares. Then I set up my squares on the floor in the order that I wanted them.

Next, I sewed the squares together by column. Then, I sewed three or four columns together in order to quilt these five strips directly onto the batting and backing. 
1. Take the strip on the farthest right and lay it out on top the backing and batting.
2. Next, take the strip next farthest to the right and lay it upside down on top of the first piece, making sure that the left edge matches before pinning to the layers of batting and backing.
3. After quilting that down, unfold the upside down strip so that they both face upward.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 with the middle piece, then the left, then the farthest left, until the entire thing is quilted.

Finally, tuck in all the loose ends. I double folded the excess backing on the edges onto the front and sewed it down as edging.
I was quite happy with the end result!
What are some of your favorite childhood fabrics?
Happy crafting!

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