Saturday, January 16, 2016

Flower Necklace

 This is another broken necklace that I found. When I bought it I actually did not realize it's flaw, but the middle flower is missing it's sparkly rhinestone center.
I bought a set of flower rhinestone earrings from Claire's to use in place of the other flowers.
I removed all previous adhesive so I could apply my rhinestones better.
In order to keep an even pattern, I removed the two inner rhinestones from the teal flowers on either side of the middle flower.
I clipped the earring piece off of the rhinestone so that only a small piece of metal stuck out of the back and the piece will fit nicely into the gap provided in the flower.
I heated up the hot glue gun and one by one added the rhinestones.
I allowed the glue to cool for a short period of time then I removed the flyaway strands of glue. The thin pieces detach very easily from the main dot of glue while the adhesive is warm-cool.
And the work was done!
What are your favorite products to buy and fix? Happy crafting! 

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