Tuesday, January 12, 2016


So I had a wonderful craft opportunity presented to me, and I took it! I was given a Marvel t-shirt that was much too big for me, but it's too cool to not wear, so I've decided to make it me-size.
I started by folding the shirt inside out, and then I laid the shirt flat on a smooth surface. I chose another shirt that I like the fit of and laid it flat on top of my project shirt as a guide.
I traced around the edges of the shirt, giving myself a one inch leeway.
I cut off the bottom seam and then I cut along the line that I had drawn. I double rolled the bottom seam then pinned. Next, I pinned the front and back of the shirt together at the sides where I made the cut.
Next came sewing the shirt together. This step is fairly straightforward. I sewed the bottom hems, then I sewed the right side of the shirt together, then the left.
Because cotton has a tendency to unravel, I hand-stitched around the edges to keep this from happening.
And the shirt is finished--Viola!
Now my new shirt fits well enough to wear!
Happy crafting!

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