Monday, February 22, 2016

Pillow Flight


You start with cutting both sides of the cover. One side will have some excess at the top and bottom to account for the hem and overlap. You will cut the longer side in half, and then hem both smaller pieces along the cut.


Fleece doesn't unravel much, so you can just fold the edge once and hem away.

In this picture, I am holding up the top hemmed piece, and down below is the base piece which was not cut in half, and is the desired size of the pillow.

First I sewed along the top and bottom edges.

Then I sewed the left and right edges from top to bottom.

At this point you can turn the piece inside out. In the picture below I have grabbed one of the inner corners and pulled it out.
This is the back of the piece, entirely right side out.
...and the front.
You put the pillow in one side at a time, and then pull the overlapping ends together.

Here is the finished product, a beautifully covered, fuzzy pillow!

What is the funniest pillow shape you have seen? Happy crafting!

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