Friday, February 19, 2016

Ribbon Rod


So, my first installment in my new series on how to decorate with craft items is here. Today I am making a ribbon display, both to show-case my lovely finds and to spread out my collection so I can see what I have and make a better decision on what to use. Before this craft, my ribbon was stored in a box, and I often just used the ribbons on the top layer.
To begin with, you need a box cutter and a suspension rod. The ribbon holes are smaller than the suspension rod, so I used the box cutter to make them larger.
I cut an eight-sided octagon shape, like a stop sign, with the box cutter. I cut lightly for fear that the knife would get out of hand and poke the ribbon.
With the light cut, it's very easy to just press in the cut and push in the piece. Repeat on the other side.
Now you can "string" your ribbon onto the suspension rod. I chose an array of colors that complement my room, and I used a larger suspension rod in my craft closet to hold the rest of the colors.
Hang up in desired location. I used a small shelf that sits beside my bed.
Now I can see all of my ribbons and cut pieces off when necessary. Happy crafting! 

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