Monday, February 29, 2016

Jolly Jars

Craft supplies are easy to hoard, but if you have too much you can't always see what you've got in your inventory. This is where decorating with craft supplies comes in.

I started by gathering all my empty glass jars.

Next, I gathered my craft supplies.

I like to have both colorful and neutral items displayed to balance each other out.

I also like to add a lot of natural elements, like the cinnamon sticks (that add some wonderful scents to the room if you leave the jar lid open for a little bit) and the miniature pine cones.

Now that you know how much jar you'll need for each item, you can choose accordingly by size and design and start stuffing jars.

Once all the jars are stuffed, you can group them and create a pattern to display. My general pattern was color, natural, non-color, but I had a few add-ins that didn't fit the pattern. So, the pattern idea is really more of a suggestion, less of a mandate.

I put them on my wrap-around shelf for display.

From this vantage point you can see them from anywhere in my room.


What are some of your favorite, most show-case worthy craft supplies? Happy crafting!

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